Ruth Martinez-Yepes is a Colombian transmedia artist and a Cornell Ph.D. student in the Information Science program who is working on art-based research. Her work has focused on creating metaphors to explore the relationship between automation, embodiment, data, and subjectivity. Firstly, to examine the intersection of her identity as a Latina artist with the consequences of automation. Second, through the use of different mediums, she aims to approach the narrative of technology as neutral and immaterial critically. Before joining Cornell, she worked as a master facilitator on a gendered-focused Art+STEM educational program supported by Maloka Interactive Museum and the Colombian Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications.

Additionally, she was a professor in the Design department at Universidad de Los Andes. Martinez-Yepes has exhibited her artwork in Voltaje: Art and Technology Salon and published the paper «Artificial intelligence, racialization, and art resistance» in the journal Cuadernos de Música, Artes Visuales y Artes Escénicas (Journal of Music, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts). She holds a B.A. in Visual Arts with a minor in Audiovisual production from Universidad Javeriana and an M.F.A. in Electronic Arts from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. Currently, she is part of the Redistributive Computing Systems Group and the Robots in Groups – Interplay Research Studio.