Born Grow Work Die

Installation and performance.


During a working day, of 8 hours, the work environment of a person is recreated, who in this case was the boss of the company where he worked. We signed an agreement for him to be working for me during the time of the show, reversing the employee-employer relationship. Meanwhile,
on a board located behind his back, I was writing phrases of dissatisfaction with my workplace.

I have worked fifteen million four hundred and eighty-three thousand six hundred and eighty-nine pesos. I would need one thousand two hundred and thirty point three hours of work.

Framing the scene were two posters, one done on the compilation of college tuition receipts and the other on the compilation of salary vouchers I had received to date. On a board the viewers answered the question What would you do with/for money?, along with a series of first person videos answering this same question.

One thousand Colombian pesos bills with the title of the artwork were handed out, waiting to circulate in the market.